søndag 13. april 2014

My father in law called yesterday and told us that it was high KP notice, up to 8! So I and my girlfriend found out that we almost had to go for a walk with our cameras to check conditions! 
Since the sun has come back it will be lighter and brighter evenings and finally we get the midnight sun, and then it is not a change for more aurora pictures! As you can see, it is already on the limit to what is possible for capturing the Northern Lights!

lørdag 12. april 2014

Posting some pictures taken during the # GullFest, which took place in various locations around the Varanger! The party started in Pasvik and ended in Båtsfjord in the photoshed to Ørjan Hansen!

                                                         The trip over Båtsfjordfjellet.
                                           Alonza Garbett and Jörg Kretzschmar in the snow.
                                                            A Shag at Hornøya Vardø.
                                                            Puffin at Hornøya Vardø
                                                         Puffin and some Guillemots.
                                                                          A Shag.
                                                                    Steller`s Eider.
                                                                    Steller`s Eider.
                                                                        King Eider.
                                                                       King Eider.
                                                                      King Eider.
                                                                          Hawk Owl.
Slightly many pictures this time since it's been a while since I've been active on my blog. Will try to be a little more active in the future.

tirsdag 4. februar 2014

Skal tru om man skal blåse litt liv i den her bloggen, er ute i praksis hos Biotope for tiden og lyset begynner å komme tilbake så man får knipset litt fuglebilder!

mandag 26. november 2012

Så slæng æ med et par nordlysbilda mens æ nu e i gang!

 Nu e det lenge sia man har posta på bloggen, det har gått mest i Flickr i det siste så her kommer nån nye bilda fra Vardø!